Step 2: Pick a plan

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Unlimited usage plan

One fixed annual fee for treating an unlimited number of your patients.

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Per patient plan

Purchase single use SmartCards for each of your suitable patients.

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Custom plan

Discuss other payment models for your institution.


Until now, the number of patients managed with advanced hemodynamic monitoring or receiving peri-operative goal-directed fluid therapy has been limited by concerns around mounting patient costs and associated budget implications.

But all that is changing. As the UK’s leading hemodynamic monitoring company, LiDCO's drive for innovation helped us step back and re-evaluate how we can treat more patients, with less cost, improved efficiency, and greater value.

Introducing LiDCO's Unlimited usage plan... Hemodynamic monitoring for the many, at last.

Unlimited usage plan cost comparison


Your current supplier

Cost per disposable $0
Number of disposables 0
Total disposables cost 0
Cost per monitor $0
Number of monitors 0
Total monitors cost 0
Other recurring costs $0
Total cost $0
Patients treated 0


Cost per disposable N/A
Number of disposables N/A
Total disposables cost N/A
Unlimited plan cost p.a $15,000
Number of monitors 0
Total unlimited plan per year 0
Other recurring costs N/A
Total cost $0
Patients treated Unlimited

Annual recurring savings $0

Capital expenditure saved $0


Here is one example of how much you can save with our unlimited usage plan

Competitor costs


  • No. of patients/disposables - 1,410
  • Cost per disposable - $275
  • Expired cable costs - $36,800
  • Unlimited usage plan costs - N/A
  • Total recurring costs$424,550 
  • No. of monitors - 23
  • Cost per monitor - $16,000
  • Total monitor cost - $368,000

LiDCO costs


  • No. of patients/disposables - 3,000+
  • Cost per disposable - N/A
  • Expired cable costs - N/A
  • Unlimited usage plan cost - $270,000
  • Total recurring costs$270,000
  • No. of monitors - 23
  • Cost per monitor - $0
  • Total monitor cost - $0



  • Annual recurring cost saving
  • $154,550
  • Capital expenditure saved
  • $368,000
  • No. of additional patients treated
  • 1,500+

Imagine what could be done with the money saved. Let us work with you to measure the improved clinical outcomes from treating more patients.

Step 3: Go unlimited