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"LiDCO is an amazing company to work for because of the people, our technology, and the ability to share in helping our customers improve their patient’s outcomes. I left the largest medical device company in the world in 2016 to come work for LiDCO for many reasons, yet the one I am most excited about is the significant opportunity to grow LiDCO’s market share in the US. LiDCO is the market leader in the UK, financially stable, and well positioned to grow in the US at a double-digit pace in the years to come. The people are genuine, authentic, and down to earth. Everyone I have met both home and abroad are generally just good people making it a fantastic company culture at LiDCO. The technology is well positioned against the market leader in the US, and a few driving market forces are suggesting the use of these devices. It’s a great time to be a part of the LiDCO family. "


Jeff Barnard, LiDCO US Area Vice-President

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