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A NFL game plan for sepsis in the ICU

This blog highlights the physiology of septic shock and outlines a game plan for the use of advanced minimally invasive hemodynamic monitoring in tackling its challenges... a Sepsis game plan.
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Who's normal these days anyway?

This is a blog post about the normal ranges of hemodynamic parameters in adult patients.  Find out how absolute values differ from indexed values.  Find out if absolute or indexed values are more representative of the patient’s condition. 
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What if the glass is half empty? Cardiovascular assessment of hypovolemia

This is a blog about how to make a fluid assessment. It discusses physical assessment and advanced hemodynamic monitoring methods, beyond blood pressure...
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Hemodynamic monitoring: PAC isn’t the only tool in the tool box

This is a blog comparing different types of hemodynamic monitoring.  It discusses invasive monitoring (PAC) as well as minimally invasive and non invasive monitoring... 
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How to do a Passive Leg Raise

on Sep 20, 2017 12:43:43 PM By | Jamina Cook | 0 Comments | passive leg raise education hemodynamic parameters PLR
This is a blog about the physiological response to passive leg raise.  Find out when you should do a passive leg raise and the benefits of a PLR test.  Find out what precautions you should take when doing a passive leg raise and watch the passive leg raise video and do the 60 second challenge...
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