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We support critical care professionals in making impactful treatment decisions, improving patient care, delivering value and making US healthcare better

LiDCO is a supplier of non-invasive and minimally invasive hemodynamic equipment used to monitor the amount of blood flowing around the body and ensure that vital organs are adequately oxygenated. Clinical studies show that optimizing the hemodynamic status of high risk patients produces better outcomes and reduced hospital stay. Since launching our first product in 1999, LiDCO has been committed to improving patient outcomes whilst providing excellent customer service. Dedicated to making a difference.

With one fixed annual fee, you can treat an unlimited number of ICU or risk surgical patients using either a non- or minimally invasive approach. The LiDCO monitor does not require a disposable so you can quickly and seamlessly switch between minimally and non-invasive monitoring for improved patient management and cost effectiveness.






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Partnership Approach

Partnership Approach

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UK Market Leader

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